Saturday, November 22, 2014

4th Grade UPDATE.

Do you know what these images are?  We do.!

They are images of ribosomes.  We found out using Online Etymology that <ribosome> is ribo + somes which means ribo(nucleic acid) + -some "body."  We were glad to learn that it was discovered by U.S. Microbiologist in 1958.

After we determined what it meant, we went to find it on iCell.  We looked for a while in both plant and animal cells and were not able to locate it.  We were stumped!!

Out of nowhere a student yells - "oh it has to be in the nucleus because it is nucleic acid and Mrs. Layden always reminds us that English is logical."

The Orthographic angels were floating around 4th grade Friday afternoon.

Oh the power of etymology and morphology!